Nordic Race - Hills 23'

My journey within Nordic Race

When I embarked on my OCR journey several years ago, one of the first races I ever experienced was Nordic Race. It quickly became apparent that this was not only one of the biggest OCR races in Denmark but also the most fiercely competitive. In 2014, I participated in Nordic Race with some colleagues from my Icelandic training center. To my surprise, when I checked the results afterwards, I discovered that I had achieved an impressive 8th place, despite not running in the elite heat.

From that moment on, my goal was clear: to win Nordic Race. It wasn't an easy feat, as I didn't secure victory on my first, second, or even third attempt. In fact, there were times when I couldn't complete the course due to mandatory obstacle completion. But I was determined to rise to the challenge.

In 2017, after intensifying my training and hiring a coach specifically for OCR, I competed in the Nordic Race Hills edition. It was a defining moment when I clinched first place for the very first time. I remember the presence of my grandpa, who unfortunately passed away shortly after that race. His pride in me as I crossed the finish line, surrounded by confetti, remains etched in my memory.

Obstacle: Small walls

The Nordic Hills venue

That marked the beginning of my Nordic Race career. In 2018, I went on to win every race of the season and haven't lost a race since. Nordic Race holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the major milestones in my OCR journey. It was the first time I set a clear goal and dedicated all my energy to achieving it.

Since 2016, I've raced in almost every Nordic Race, including the one last weekend. Coming off the European Championships, I felt slightly unfocused due to minimal preparation and battling a cough that had developed the day before the race. However, I decided to push through and give it my all.

On race day, I woke up feeling good and mentally prepared to compete at a high level. I fueled my body with Red Bull and soaked in the electrifying energy and atmosphere at the raceside. The hilly course offered a thrilling mix of single trails, challenging climbs, exhilarating downhills, and flat grassy terrain. The obstacles were thoughtfully distributed, providing a blend of technical challenges, heavy carries, and strength-demanding obstacles.

Right from the start, I surged ahead, creating a substantial lead early in the race. As I reached the 3-kilometer mark in the 5K race, I had a comfortable lead of around one and a half minutes over second-place Henriette Bardrum such a strong and fierce competitor I am looking forward to see evolve these next years. In 3rd place we had Magrethe Langhoff Thuesen - one of the ultimate OG's of the sport, and actually one of my big idols caching, as she was always winning in 2016 & 2017. Throughout the race at Noridc Race Hills, I felt a profound sense of gratitude—gratitude for being there, for my body holding up despite being sick the previous day, for the stunning venue, the amazing weather, and the contagious happiness radiating from all the participants.

Top 3 women: Henriette Bardrum, Magrethe Thuesen & Myself at the finishline.

Feeling of winning 12th time, do I still feel the charm?

Crossing the finish line as the 1st woman, I secured my 12th win in Nordic Race and extended my streak to 11 consecutive victories. Each win brings its own thrill and unique experience, but they all fill me with immense pride. The confetti raining down upon me as I cross the start line is a moment that never gets old. I know that Jonas Dresher, the male winner also taking on his either 7th or 8th consecutive win, would agree with me.

Adding to the excitement, the Hills edition takes place in Hassle Bakker, the very place where I was born 32 years ago. The significance of competing at this exact venue adds an extra layer of sentimentality for me.

OCR has shaped me as an athlete and given me countless unforgettable moments. Nordic Race has played a pivotal role in my journey, pushing me to new heights and fueling my competitive spirit. I'm eternally grateful for the challenges, the victories, and the lifelong memories created on this thrilling OCR battleground.

Your two winners: Jonas Drescher & I - being so mature we made our winner T-shirts into crop tops.

Race kit I used on the day for this hills 5K course:

Shoe: Inov-8 X-talon 235G

Shorts: Embark 6'' shorts black

Sports Bra: Multiverse black

Gloves/other: None.

Fuel: Red Bull, bananas, water & oats.