Adventury or now Adventury- are we in a sport with to many championships?

About 1 week prior to Adventury world champs I posted about me reason to compete / not compete in Adventury world champs, and you can see what I wrote in the blog post below.

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“Post: Adventury OCRWC or No OCRWC? That’s the question 🤔 .. and it hasn’t been an easy one😅

The venue of Mammoth looks absolutely stunning, but on the other hand, it is a very hard venue to travel to & compete in (especially for sea-level athletes living in Europe).

To be honest, I enjoy OCR with more obstacles, and is more reminiscent of Danish/European OCR. When that is said, I like to race both European & US “style” as I see it as a challenge to do both versions. Racing like this does though require a lot of preparation for the different “versions” of OCR races.

I chose for 2023 to focus on the World Champs in Belgium & doing well in the Spartan NorAm 3K elite series. To ready for the Mexico race (in the height) I am currently at an altitude camp in Colorado, which should preferably be uninterrupted for the next 2 weeks 💪

So No, I will unfortunately not be attending @ocrwc. FOMO of missing out on Adventury this year will be extremely high, as this race has always had a big place in my OCR heart, but this year I simply can’t make it align with my other priorities.

I have had a good streak with @ocrwc competing since 2015 in Ohio (🥇in 18-24 age group) until 2022 finally taking the TOP spot at the 3K distance 🏆 .. feels like a good long love story 🤩😝

I hope to compete in this event again in the future 🙏🏻🙌 but I would wish to see a more considerate choice of venue if Adventury wants to keep seeing European athletes come and be a part of this event 🧐❗️

I wish everyone racing next weekend an amazing time 🙌🔥”

OCR WC, FISO, Belgium (2 week prior to Adventury OCR WC in California)


It's indeed a challenging and exciting time for athletes in your sport with such a multitude of championship events. Managing your race calendar and prioritizing A-races is crucial, considering the physical and mental strain involved. Here are a few of my reflections, that I am going to consider onwards to help myself navigate this crowded championship landscape:

1. Define Your Goals:

Identify your primary goals for the season. What championships or events matter most to you? Is there a particular title you're aiming for? Accept you cand do them all. I find that maximum 2 A races each season, is what I have the mental and phsyical capacity to do.

2. Prioritize Races in A, B & C:

Select a few key events as your A-races. These should be the ones you prioritize in terms of training, rest, and peak performance. Train through your C races, build your big blogs for you A races, and take more rest around your B races.

3. Consult with a Coach:

If possible, work with a coach who can help you plan your season strategically. They can provide guidance on training cycles, recovery periods, and race selection based on your individual strengths and weaknesses.

4. Flexible Approach:

Stay adaptable. Thats how athlete life is. While having A-races is essential, be prepared to adjust your plans based on how your body responds and unforeseen circumstances.

5. Enjoy the Journey:

Remember why you started in the first place – the love for the sport. Enjoy the journey, the challenges, and the victories along the way. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial for long-term success. I can get cought up in doing races for prestige, fame, money, but most importantly I remembered I didnt do this to start with - I did it because I loce my sport and the OCR community. Love the lifestyle and progression in pushing myself to the limit. So focusing on being in progress is most important to me.

6. Learn from Experience:

Reflect on past seasons and races. What worked well? What could be improved? Use this knowledge to refine your approach and continually evolve as an athlete.

7. Community and Support:

Engage with the OCR community. Share experiences, tips, and support with fellow athletes. Building a strong support network can make the challenges more manageable.

OCR WC - Belgium (2 weeks prior to Adventury World Champs)